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Past Lecture Series in African American Studies

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African American Studies is pleased to bring to the Mississippi State University community some of the most prominent scholars, leaders, and artists in the world today to present lectures, conferences, and artistic performances. Our public events are free, and they offer the university community and our friends in the greater Starkville and Golden Triangle area a variety of opportunities to be connected to the people's university. Please come and check out the calendar of our lecture series often for up-to-date announcements of our events.

"The Covenant With Death:" Understanding the Proslavery Constitution, Dr. Paul Finkelman, Oct. 29,                 2009 "Africans in the Diaspora:" Dialogues with Professor K.C. Morrison, Senior Fellow in African American                 Studies and Professor and Head of Political Science and Public Administration, Mississippi State                 University, Nov 17, 2009 "Black History Keynote Address", Professor Randall L. Kennedy, February 1, 2010 "An Evening With Sonia Sanchez", March 4, 2010 "Contesting Borders: Black Feminist Contributions to International Human Rights",
               Dr. Stanlie M. James, September 20, 2010
"The First Afrikan Way: Culture, Blackness and Religion in an Afrocentric Community",
                 Dr. Andrea Abrams, November 8, 2010
"Transatlantic Real Estate: Diaspora and Richard Wright's Expose of Western Property Grabs",
                 Dr. Houston A. Baker, Jr., February 8, 2011
"Other Voices Within the Veil: Marlon Riggs' Black Is, Black Ain't.", Dr. Rudolph Byrd, March 28, 2011 "Whiteness and the Management of Labor in U.S. History", Dr. David Roediger, March 5, 2009 "The Black Professional Class and the Long Struggle for Equality of Opportunity, 1890-1955",
                   Dr. Darlene Clark Hine, April 2, 2009
"The Mississippi Freedom Schools and Their Long Legacy", Dr. Charles M. Payne, September 18, 2008 "African Americans and the Challenge of American Education", Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, November 6,2008 The Price of the Ticket: Barack Obama and the Rise and Fall of Black Politics, Dr. Fredrick C. Harris,                Columbia University, September 26, 2011 "Post Racial Dreans, American Realities", Lawrence D. Bobo, Hardvard University, March 5, 2012 Sit Me Up and Turn Me Loose: Medgar Wiley Evers as Civil Rights Activist, Leader and Martyr in the Fight                for Justice, Michael V. Williams, September 20, 2012 Dog Whistle Racism: Race + Politics in 2012, Professor Haney Lopez, March 21, 2013 Dr. Shawn Leigh Alexander, Tuesday, October 15, 2013