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Film Series in African American Studies

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Welcome to our Film Series. Each year, we bring you four selections of some of the best educational and entertaining films available to the public. Our films will feature blacks in the United States, as well as Africans throughout the diaspora. With each film we will feature informed individuals who can help our audience place the film into context. Our discussions will include audience participation.


October 23, 2012: "Standing On My Sisters' Shoulders" October 26, 2011: "Freedom Riders" March 10, 2011: "Daughters of the Dust" October 28, 2010: "The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu" With Commentator Dr. Mario Azevedo March 23, 2010: "Eyes on the Prize, Mississippi: Is This America?" February 16, 2010: "I Am Woman: Voices of Power, African-American Women" (with Commentator,
              DoVeanna Fulton Minor, Ph.D).
October 8, 2009: "Hotel Rwanda" October 28, 2009: "Amistad" (with Commentator, Dr. Paul Finkelman, African American
                Scholar-In-Residence and Professor, Albany Law School, President William McKinley Distinguished
                Professor of Law and Public Policy).
March 24, 2009: "Game of Change," (Mississippi State University men's basketball team v. Loyola
                University in 1963)
February 26, 2009: "Sometimes in April," Rwanda, 1994 November 3, 2008: "The Vernon Johns Story: The Road to Freedom" October 23, 2008: "The Great Debaters (2007)"